3 Life Lessons from Jay Seideman

18 Dec

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I don’t know if I will I will ever forget the moment I heard about the death of a friend, and former manager, Jay Seideman.  I was washing the dishes and one of my kids was trying to get my attention.   I didn’t really believe it, I thought someone had bad information.   Unfortunately, it slowly came to reality as I received other notes with the same news.

I’ve thought about Jay over the past 10 days as I play with my kids or when we are joking around the office.  I’m extremely grateful for the short time I had working with Jay.  I thought about how you honor or “carry it forward” for Jay.   I thought of what Jay taught and how I can live what he taught me.  Based on the Linkedin messages and Facebook posts I’m not the only one that he impacted.

I think the best way to honor Jay is to teach and inspire those around me with the wisdom and levity Jay provided.   I shared the below with my sales team earlier this week and I hope to carry Jay’s lessons with me personally and professionally for the years to come.

The first thing that Jay taught us that we work too hard to not have fun along the way.   He brought humor and levity to the workplace and often used himself to generate laughter.  He didn’t take himself too seriously and as smart as he was, and all the success he had, he exhibited tremendous humility.   Jay was always the guy that could see when you were having a rough day and pull you aside, take you to lunch, or ask you to grab a cup of coffee to just chat.  He was one of the most positive people that I was around.  He always found the good in the bad and made you think about things in a different way.

The 3 things that I will carry forward from time with Jay are these, and I hope for some of you this is a good reminder, or an opportunity to look at things differently.

  1. Have fun, we all work too hard to not enjoy our days.   Find some fun in the day, make time for your teammates, and find laughter
  2. Be a Friend. When you see someone having a tough day, offer to grab lunch, get a coffee or just talk.  I know we are all busy but take time for one another, pick each other up.
  3. Look for the Positives.  Celebrate the wins, learn from the losses and look for the positive

Tim Mahlman, a friend who I worked with at both Yahoo and Aol, and is President of the Oath’s Ad Platform, had this to say about Jay in the AdExchanger article.

“His belief in doing what’s right made him unafraid to say what he felt.  He always knew how to motivate me, and he knew how to pick me up when things were not going well.  He lived by the belief that anything is possible if you want it badly enough.”

Couldn’t be truer.   You will be missed Jay.

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