Let Perseverance Be Your Engine And Hope Your Fuel

1 Jun

let perserverance be your engine and hope be your fuel

I was reading  the Chicago Tribune a few weeks back, yes I still read the paper.  They had a good piece on a former Cubs players (Matt Sczur) who talked about Hope and Persistence and how it drives him.  As I was thinking about this I thought these 2 things  can help us move our personal and professional life forward.  Persistence can provide results, while hope pushes us to take the next step.

If I hope to reach a goal but give up trying whenever I face a problem, I will never reach any goal worth achieving. If I work hard at something every day but don’t have any hope that I will see results, I will soon get discouraged and abandon the effort.

Persistence is defined as “firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.”

Hope is defined as “a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.”

Sczur was consistently sitting behind more experienced players and couldn’t break the everyday lineup even while continuing to put up good numbers.    In the article it talks about how Szczur kept a rock in his locker at Wrigley Field, a reminder of a parable — “the Stonecutter” — he learned from a priest while playing football at Villanova.


The story goes after trying to break a stone by tapping it repeatedly, the stonecutter finally cracked it with a tap.  It was a lesson in perseverance. The stonecutter realized the collective taps were what really did it, not the final one.  Sczur always had HOPE, not a wish, of being that everyday player, and now with the Padres he is doing just that.   With hope and persistence we can be successful.


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