2 Lessons My Mom Taught Me About Sales

16 May
Entire Family

The head of the clan front and center as she should be

Get Out of the House – I grew up outside of a small town in what most people called the  “country” with no cable TV and the day was what I made of it.  I remember one summer my parents had finally given in and got us an Atari, yeah that ages me.  My mom was getting upset as the summer passed by and I sat there playing pong and pac-man.  One morning I woke up and the Atari was gone.  My mother had put it away for a couple days.  My mom told me to get out of the house and go do something.  So I did, I went for a walk in the woods, went fishing in the creek and messed around with my buddy in the neighborhood.  I slowly forgot about that Atari and enjoyed that summer.

Lesson:  Get out from behind your screens.  Go talk to clients, co-workers and industry friends.  Most of sales is face to face or over phone.   

Believe in Yourself –  I was not an easy kid for my parents.  I pushed everything to the boundaries and to be honest I was a little lost at times.  While I was a in college I had gotten into some trouble, like most college kids.   I’d lost direction and I remember my mom sitting with me and talking to me about redirecting my energy and effort.  She talked about the times that when I focused in the right areas and the changes I made to other people and the impact I had.  Most of all she told me to believe in myself and live the life I wanted, not the path I was on.

Lesson: When things are bad believe in your method.  We all know the “Right” thing to do and if you focus on that and not let bad habits spiral, things will correct themselves.   

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