Relflecting Back – Does Viewability Matter and the Future of Check In’s?

18 Dec

My blogging has taken a real dip since the arrival of my 2 girls but as I had a few minutes I’d reflect on past posts while sharing my thoughts on 2015.

I’ve been reading some of my old blogs and I get a kick out some of things that I wrote in the past.

January 3rd of 2012 I wrote an article about viewability of the ad impressions. It was just the start of what is now a full blown issue 2 years later.

On March 9th of 2011 I talked about how Check In’s are dead, and for all intense purposes they are.  When’s the last time you did that outside of facebook.  In that same posts I talked about the move to the DSP world from Ad Networks.

I really wish I was making some investments around my thoughts.

As we look to the year ahead I think we are in for an evolution of today’s trends. Here are some observations from my side.

Programmatic is projected to grow 137% this year according to emarketer.   I’m not a huge fan of the term programmatic.  I’ve tried to shift the thinking to automated buying.  The word programmatic as defined by customers means something different to everyone.  Automated buying will fundamentally shift our industry.

In addition mobile finally had it’s year.  Revenue is still behind consumption but then again standard display never hit the appropriate portion of it’s consumption.

Native is another term that our advertisers throw around with so much different meaning which is a little frustrating.  I think we need to disconnect the terms content creation and native advertising.  These are two different things.

So what does 2015 hold:

1. Shocker – automated buying will continue to grow.  I think the change here is that more and more advertisers are going to look for a unified delivery across display, mobile and video.  Few companies are positioned to deliver on this holy grail.  I think the biggest thing we see leading marketers do, is start to look at how they can deliver on the message or creative in the programmatic space, using data as the informer.

2. Mobile will have another amazing year and we are going to hit the tipping point.  We have advertisers now looking to deliver 30-50% of the media in the coming year on mobile.  We as publishers have to make this easy.  We need to deliver on dynamic page delivery that allows our advertisers media to render correctly without creating numerous sizes.   At the end of the day it is about connecting with consumers.  We need to make this easier for our advertisers.

3.  Native will go programmatic.  What I mean is these “Feed Ads” will trade like any other media.  I’m intrigued what Nativo and Sharethrough continue to do in the marketplace.  I think these companies are well positioned to take advantage of the change coming.

4.  Content Creation for advertisers needs to become it’s own bucket.  We also need to look to solve consumer needs when creating this content.  Lines are blurring on edit and advertising and if we don’t watch out we are going to put doubt that any content online is trustworthy.

5.  OLV metrics have to change.  We are continuing to get stuck in the TV metric of success.  All advertisers are looking for delivery against key age groups.  Why are advertisers continuing to push this metric?  Data is such a beautiful thing and we need to evaluate digital video differently.  My fear for advertisers as they push partners to hit these metrics and we end up in this game of auto play and never seen ads.  We need to change the conversation.

Who knows the year holds but some of the observations from my seat.  It’s always fun to look back to see if any of this really happened.

Happy Holiday’s from my family to yours.


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