Check In – Dead/Local – Explodes/Ad Networks – Consolidate

9 Dec

The world is changing and it is changing fast. I’ve been reading all the year in summary and what to expect in the coming year. This year has created rapid change from platforms like tablets and social is exploding and was anyone “Checking In” a year ago.

So where will we be in a year and what will we all laugh about that we were doing a year ago?

Hyper-Local: I started in this industry working for Citysearch selling local advertising. Everyone keeps talking local but the execution has underwhelmed. This is the year the platforms are in place to exceed. Look for local to continue to explode.

Social: Sorry if you thought it was going away. Social will get better at taking the data and using it to really create a conversation with consumers. The data is there today but we haven’t figured out how to do it without creeping people out.

Branded Entertainment: This space is going to continue to explode. We will still struggle with creating good content and getting consumers to the content but advertisers will continue to push into this space.

DSP’s: While this was built for the DR advertisers, brand advertisers are figuring it out quickly. New metrics will be put in place that will allow brand advertisers to “justify” and expand.

Check In: Only 4% of all people actually are using a check in mechanism. I don’t see this increasing. I’ve said in previous post that I check in almost everywhere but I don’t know why I do it. Try explaining to anyone not in the industry the “check in” idea. They think you are crazy.

Ad Networks: Consolidation all around. We used to see ad networks pop up about every other week. The evolution of DSP’s and publishers getting better at valuing inventory will force consolidation.

Do Not Track: It’s coming in some form. Browsers are making it easy to set it up and users are getting smarter. We will start to see some of the effects next year but give it a few more years.

These are the highlights but a lot of activity will happen in mobile, video and 3rd party targeting. All of these will see continued increase.

What do you think the year holds?

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